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At 5D Lux we believe stories in the form of entertaining narrative film, documentary, animation and television series and specials can be and do a lot more than they are now.  Story is a very powerful tool that can make people whole and unite, heal, enable and awaken a global audience. 

Entertaining with a simple, a clever and an efficient story is one thing – activating hidden dimensions within the listener and viewer is a whole other level of engagement.  From sensory input and neural reaction only to complete energetic system feedback: from one-way emotion and primal reaction to deep soul-level engagement and true two-way and multi-source interaction.

The clown entertains, the storyteller narrates, the doctor heals, the priest connects to the divine and the engineers enables and amazes.  A 5-Dimensional film combines all these roles into one. 5-D Film is an application of higher harmonic and metaphysical vibrations in image, sound and other electro-magnetic frequencies to create a deep etheric and soul sensory experience beyond current Cinema, Television, Theatre and Online technological offerings. This changes the very definition of what Film Experience can mean.

With a Profound Understanding of the mechanics, psychology and metaphysics of hyper-dimensional energy porting, 5DLux can fully reach and awaken a global Cinema, Television, Theatre and Online audience. We do this by works with Quantum Potential Field shaping, sypathetic vibration linking, isolated beneficial finer energetic information transmission and narrative potential focusing.


Emotion transmision

Kasimir Lehto at a 5D film shootAs technology reaches the limit of speed and human perception, we will move from a technology-based entertainment industry to an experience-based entertainment industry. At this point, entertainment progress will be measured in emotional and spiritual impact, no longer in the compliance to high spec technology. 5-D Film offers the best in this new, revolutionary field of Cinema and Theatre presentation.

We apply our knowledge of the Universal vibration to film, to move spiritual, mental and physical energies and we do this in a new, distinct, yet broad and modern audience-oriented way. The modern consumer needs bite-size psychoactive entertainment and enlightenment, not slow, lecturing new age concepts that are very difficult to understand how to be employed in the real world.

Our approach to 5-D film will keep the modern audience tuned in - for the largest part even without them knowing it. It is meditation for a smart, hungry, media snacking audience. The beauty of it all is that the best way to channel energy is through a story and the best visual stories are told in cinema, on televsion, in theatre and online.

5-Dimensional consultancy and asistance


Alexander Lentjes at a 5D shootThe 5th Dimension is the dimension of potential. Modern entertainment such as film currently only uses up to 4 Dimensions of input (3 Dimensional images recorded and played back over time). 5D Film goes further than this and employs the full possible spectrum of energy.

The 5th dimension is the aspect of potential and a folding / collapsing of the 4-D singularity again into itself. This understanding of the paradox is where the power of creation and lies and where 5D Film begins: potential, intention and a shaping of reality through understanding and application.

We are a unique film production and consultancy company engaging openly and directly in the fields of the body, mind and spirit, in the realms of applied mystical psychology, cinematic alchemy and practical metaphysics.

If you are a film maker ready to open Pandora's Box yourself and for your audience, to offer them the Red Pill or even the Purple Pill, give us a call or drop us an e-mail. The time is now.

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